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Facebook to Turn Over Russian-Linked Ads to Congress
Trump Dismisses ?Russia Hoax? as Facebook Turns Over Ads Tied to Campaign
The Shift: Facebook?s Frankenstein Moment
Facebook Faces a New World as Officials Rein In a Wild Web
North Korea, Puerto Rico, Aaron Hernandez: Your Friday Briefing
New York Today: New York Today: Keeping Your Apple-Picking Plans
California Today: California Today: Suing the Trump Administration, Again and Again and Again
Kim?s Rejoinder to Trump?s Rocket Man: ?Mentally Deranged U.S. Dotard?
Kim Jong-un Called Trump a ?Dotard.? How Harsh Is That Burn?
North Korea Hits New Level of Brinkmanship in Reacting to Trump
Trump Moves to Widen U.S. Sanctions on North Korea
Rouhani Lashes Back at Trump, as Iran Unveils New Missile
It?s the U.N.?s Week, but Executives Make It a High-Minded Mingle
Puerto Rico Faces Mountain of Obstacles on the Road to Recovery
How to Help Victims of Hurricane Maria
For Puerto Ricans Off the Island, a Struggle to Make Contact After Maria
Puerto Rico Flooded by Hurricane Maria
Trump Poised to Drop Some Limits on Drone Strikes and Commando Raids
Uber Loses Its License to Operate in London
On London?s Streets, Black Cabs and Uber Fight for a Future
Your Daily Mini Crossword
Stunned by Quake, Mexican Town Fears It ?Will Never Be the Same?
Amid Quake Rubble in Mexico, ?We Will Get Through It?
Citizens Mobilize After Mexico Quake
Seeking Asylum in Germany, and Finding Hatred
German Election Mystery: Where?s Russia?
Aaron Hernandez Had Severe C.T.E. When He Died at Age 27
Scott Perry, New Knicks G.M., Likes Things ?Clean and Neat?
Doctors: One Last Visit to See My Patient
Black Detectives in New York Were Bypassed for Promotions, Panel Finds
Trump, Though Not on Stage, Looms Large in Alabama G.O.P. Senate Debate
In Rape Case at Rikers: Did Guards Turn a Blind Eye?
Syrian Refugee Held in London Tube Bombing Is Released
Pressure Mounts on Iraqi Kurds to Cancel Independence Vote
Megyn Kelly Is Ready for Her Morning Closeup
Guggenheim Exhibit With Video of Dogs Trying to Fight Stirs Criticism
Liliane Bettencourt, L?Oréal Heiress Vexed by Swindling Case, Is Dead at 94
Fighting Breaks Out at Turkish President?s Speech in New York
Nine Elephants in Botswana Are Electrocuted by Power Line
Jimmy Kimmel Wasn?t the First Host to Get Serious About Politics
Where to Donate to Mexico Earthquake Victims
Deals With Democrats: Why Trump?s Softening on Immigration Is Unlikely to Splinter His Base
Trilobites: How Three Friends Proved That Jellyfish Can Sleep
Coming Home to a Shipping Container
Modern Love: Discovering Manhood in Soapy Bubbles
Acclaimed French Chef to Michelin: Take My Stars, Please

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Maria?s deluge on Puerto Rico
Twitter won?t run an anti-abortion group?s ads unless it scrubs its website of ?sensitive content?
Why Americans can't agree on which crimes are hate crimes
The unusual way KB Home punished its CEO for screaming profanities at Kathy Griffin
One of the most bizarre ideas about climate change just got more support
Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico's famous telescope, is battered by Hurricane Maria
African American World War I soldiers served at a time racism was rampant in the U.S.
?I just need my mother?: The frantic quest to contact loved ones in Puerto Rico
The United States just hit $20 trillion in debt. Republicans have a plan to make it worse
Family records video moments before being struck by lightning
Hurricanes may compel even more Puerto Rico residents to flee to the mainland, officials warn
"Identity politics for white people": Experts debate who gets to appeal to race in American politics
Nikki Haley emerges as interpreter ? and megaphone ? for Trump
Want to be a wildlife biologist? Beware the eyeball leeches and chest maggots.
The soft bigotry of having to change your name. Because somehow Tchaikovsky is easier.
?Insanity?: New ad pressures Murkowski, four other senators to oppose health bill
A field guide to jerks at work
Why Americans love doomsday prophecies
Traitors or patriots? Eight Vietnam POWs were charged with collaborating with the enemy.
Funding for home visiting set to expire, leaving early intervention services in limbo for many

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Senate To Vote on Full Repeal of ObamaCare
HealthCare Fails and the Deep State Rises
POTUS Names New Chief of Staff
ACLJ Uncovers AG Lynch's Secret Email Alias
AG Lynch Scandal Linked to Obama White House
ACLJ Delivers AG Lynch / Clinton Evidence to Senate
POTUS Signs Russia, Iran and North Korea Sanctions Into Law
Breaking: FBI Reopens Clinton/Lynch Case
The ACLJ is Still Fighting the IRS - We're Still Winning
The Trump Doctrine: Annihilate the Terrorists
Next Steps in Health Care Fight?
The ACLJ Takes on the Deep State
American Killed in Barcelona Terror Attack
ACLJ VS The Department of State
Trump Moves On Without GOP Leaders
The Nation Responds to Harvey
POTUS Vows Fire and Fury for North Korea
Mattis to North Korea - You?ve Been Warned
Ambassador Haley on North Korea: "Enough is Enough"
Obama Unmasking Exposed
VICTORY in court for Israel
Obama's Secret Iran Deal Exposed
BREAKING: President Ends DACA, Calls on Congress to Act
Did Comey Meddle in 2016 Election?
The Impact of 9/11 Today
SCOTUS Rebukes 9th Circuit on Travel Pause
North Korea Backs Down
James Comey: Get a Lawyer
President Trump Calls for End of Legislative Filibuster
Will Healthcare get a Vote Tomorrow?
Senate to Vote on Healthcare Today?
President Trump Builds Bipartisan Support
Anti-Christian Bigotry in the U.S. Senate?
Fake News Comes to Comey's Defense
BREAKING: Comey's Fake Clinton Investigation
President Trump Calls for U.N. Reform
A Deep Dive into the AG Lynch / Clinton Case
President Trump Warns North Korea of Total Destruction
Explaining the Grand Jury
More False Charges Against Pastor Brunson
Breaking: Mueller Spokesperson Linked to Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Meeting
Final Attempt to Repeal Obamacare
The War Over DACA Begins
VP Pence: Last Best Chance on ObamaCare Repeal
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