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May and Brexit Face Uncertain Future After Crushing Defeat in Parliament
News Analysis: Amid Parliament?s Brexit Rebellion, a Tectonic Shift in How Britain Is Governed
Shutdown?s Economic Damage Starts to Pile Up, Threatening an End to Growth
Trump Summons Thousands Back to Work Without Pay as Shutdown Drags On
Here?s How the Shutdown Is Delaying Climate Data and Undercutting Scientists
Republicans Rebuke Steve King but Face Vexing Question: Why Not Sooner?
Steve King?s Racist Remarks and Divisive Actions: A Timeline
Trump and Putin Have Met Five Times. What Was Said Is a Mystery.
Republicans Break Ranks Over Move to Lift Sanctions on Russian Oligarch?s Firms
William Barr Vows to Let Mueller Finish Inquiry and to Protect Justice Dept. Integrity
Court Blocks Trump Administration From Asking About Citizenship in Census
Sacklers Directed Efforts to Mislead Public About OxyContin, New Documents Indicate
Brexit, William Barr, Penguins: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing
Brexit, Nairobi, El Chapo: Your Wednesday Briefing
Hold a Second Brexit Referendum
Britain Is a Nation in Desperate Need of a Driver
Why Steve King?s Punishment Took So Long
Next to National Parks, a Winter of Worry
How to Make New York as Progressive on Criminal Justice as Texas
Trump Tries to Destroy, and Justice Roberts Tries to Save, What Makes America Great
Donald Trump and His Team of Morons
The Cruelty of Call-Out Culture
Republicans, Racism and Steve King
The Conversation: Is 2019 Over Yet?
Donald Trump: The Russia File
Actually, the Numbers Show That We Need More Immigration, Not Less
An Appraisal: Even From Afar, Carol Channing Served Up That Broadway Wow
The Gay Penguins of Australia
Restaurant Review: Benno, Proudly Out of Step With the Age
Kirsten Gillibrand, New York Senator, Joins Democratic Race for President
Man With Hammer Kills Chef and Injures Two Others at Brooklyn Restaurant
Streaming Service Roku Offers Alex Jones a Platform, Then Quickly Retreats
Benjamin Brafman, Weinstein?s Lawyer, Is Said to Be Withdrawing From Rape Case
Expecting a Huge Payout, Investment Banker Loses His New Job Instead
Shabab Claim Responsibility for Deadly Assault on Nairobi Hotel-Office Complex
El Chapo Trial: Former Mexican President Peña Nieto Took $100 Million Bribe, Witness Says
Legalized Marijuana. A ?Green New Deal.? Cuomo?s 2019 Vision Tacks Left.
There?s a Huge Ice Disk in a Maine River. No, the Aliens Aren?t Coming.
What to Buy: The Gear You Need for a New Year (and a New You)
Train Your Brain Like a Memory Champion
Using Sports Psychology for Childbirth
Inside the List: Some Dos and Don?ts From Famous Writers
In India, Building Bridges Between Life and Art
With Beaches, Wine and Buzz, Is This Australia?s Next Hot Place?
Modern Love: Tiny Love Stories: Date Night? Yeah Right
In Seoul, It?s Called ?Clock Alley?
Francine du Plessix Gray, Searching Novelist and Journalist, Is Dead at 88
Rise of the Golden Jackal
Global Health: A Silver Bullet Against the Brain-Eating Amoeba?
The Checkup: Taking the Pain Out of Children?s Shots

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California faces double punch with torrential rain, multiple feet of snow
A CNN analyst called out a Fox News contributor for ?white privilege.? He?s black.
Officials never saw so much fentanyl in an overdose victim. She was 18 months old.
Hampshire College, facing financial woes, weighs whether to enroll new first-year class
UNC chancellor says Confederate monument Silent Sam must go ? and so will she
Hampshire College, facing financial challenges, weighs whether to enroll a new first-year class
California is facing back-to-back storms with torrential rain, multiple feet of snow
An overdose victim had more fentanyl in her than officials had ever seen. She was 18 months old.
Sentencing again delayed for Trump campaign aide Rick Gates, who continues to cooperate in Mueller probe
A white nationalist?s harassment helped force a black female lawmaker to resign. He won?t face charges.
?Trump has turned the White House into a White Castle?: President roasted for serving Clemson fast food
Gillette ad takes on ?toxic masculinity? in #MeToo-era rebrand, provoking a backlash
A typo landed him an invite to a bachelor party halfway across the country. Naturally, he?s going.
UNC chancellor says Confederate monument Silent Sam must go ? and so will she
Pentagon extends mission on southern border through September
'As long as it takes?: Los Angeles teachers go on strike in nation?s second-largest system
A bat mitzvah girl debuts a new way for blind Jews to participate in an ancient tradition
The Los Angeles teachers strike, as told in a dozen tweets
Teenager accused of beating a 4-year-old to death because she spilled juice on his Xbox
‘This is an emergency’: José Andrés to open relief kitchen for federal workers during shutdown
Judge blocks Trump effort to roll back birth control mandate nationwide
Michigan State?s interim president angers Nassar victims again, saying some are ?enjoying? the ?spotlight?
Early college admissions by the numbers
Ice loss from Antarctica has sextupled since the 1970s, new research finds
U.S. air traffic controllers are working without pay. Their Canadian ?coworkers? sent pizza.

Site: Jay Sekulow Live Radio Show
Saving Babies with Disabilities from Planned Parenthood
Thankful for Victories, but the Fight Continues
Asia Bibi Freed: The Fight Continues Worldwide
A Crisis at the Border
President Willing to Shut Down Government Over Border Security
BREAKING: ACLJ Announces Defense of Pastor Imprisoned in China
Iran Tests Advanced Ballistic Missile
Israel Attacks Hezbollah Terror Tunnels
President Cancels Meeting With Vladimir Putin at G20
Remembering President George H. W. Bush
US Marshals, DEA Agents Dispatched to the Border
U.N. Chooses Terrorism Over Israel
BREAKING: U.N. Prepared to Condemn Hamas Today
Public Schools Force Buddhist Meditation Practices
Big Developments on Buddhist Meditation in Public Schools
ACLJ Demands Revocation of Islamic Extremist Doctor?s License
U.N. Fails to Condemn Hamas. ACLJ Responds.
President Trump: ?How much more American blood must we shed...?
Tonight: President to Address Nation on Border Security
Merry Christmas from the ACLJ - Special Guest Dan Wheeler
Terrorist Attack Near ECLJ HQ in France
Will The President Declare a National Emergency to Build Southern Border Protection?
BREAKING NEWS: New IG Report on Missing FBI Text Messages
Breaking: New FBI Irregularities Revealed
President Demands 5 Billion Dollars for Border Wall
Judge Strikes Down ObamaCare And Looming Government Shutdown
FBI Irregularities Brought Up in Senate Hearing
Anti-Semitic Ohio Doctor Threatened to Give Jewish Patients ?The Wrong Meds.?
Today: Situation Room Briefing on Border Security
Pompeo: U.S. is Confronting Radical Islam
ACLJ Takes on Satanists' Anti-Christmas "Snaketivity"
New Year's Day Special: Jay Sekulow Band Concert
Special Guest Dan Wheeler, Today!
Congress Passes Bi-partisan Bill Sanctioning Hamas Terrorists
New Years Eve: Live Update from Israel
President Threatens to Shut Down Southern Border
The ACLJ Defends Christmas
A Showdown on Border Funding in Washington
President Trump Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq
President Trump?s Foreign Policy Doctrine
CNN?s Jim Acosta Accidentally Makes Case to Build Wall
Will Senate GOP Use Constitutional Option to Avoid Shutdown?
5th Day of Government Shutdown
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